Priority Club® Rewards Launches Hotels Anywhere


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Priority Club® Rewards Launches Hotels Anywhere
World's first and largest hotel loyalty program debuts industry-first redemption booking tool

Press Release Source: InterContinental Hotels Group On Tuesday May 18, 2010, 3:59 pm EDT

ATLANTA, May 18 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- IHG's (InterContinental Hotels Group) Priority Club® Rewards today announced the global launch of Hotels Anywhere™, an industry-first redemption option that enables members to instantly redeem their Priority Club points, or combine points and cash, for hotel stays virtually anywhere, even at direct competitors. An expansion of Priority Club Rewards' innovative pre-paid lodging card called Any Hotel, Anywhere, the new product gives consumers even greater flexibility and immediate booking capabilities at non-IHG hotels.

"Even with more than 4,400 IHG hotels worldwide, we know we can't be everywhere," said Don Berg, vice president, Loyalty Programs, IHG, "Yet, we understand that flexibility and choice are invaluable to our members. Hotels Anywhere gives our members the freedom and convenience to instantly book at tens of thousands of hotels worldwide using their Priority Club points; that's more hotel choices than all of our major competitors' hotel portfolios combined."  

Hotels Anywhere makes it simple for members to find the hotel they're looking for, using best in class tools to filter their results by price range, star rating, neighborhood and hotel amenities.  The site also offers easy access to extensive hotel photos, Trip Advisor® reviews and even virtual tours for many properties.  Hotels Anywhere even gives members the flexibility to select exactly the room they want, offering instant redemption for upgraded room types (e.g. an ocean view room in Honolulu).

In 2001, Priority Club Rewards was the first hotel loyalty program to offer instant online point redemptions for IHG hotels, and with the launch of Hotels Anywhere, it is the first hotel loyalty program to offer immediate, online redemptions for competitors' hotels.

The Hotels Anywhere option is currently available in English to all Priority Club members worldwide via www.priorityclub.com/hotelsanywhere.  IHG will continue working with technology partner ezRez Software to rollout Hotels Anywhere in additional languages later in 2010.

About Priority Club Rewards

With 48 million members globally, IHG's Priority Club Rewards is the first, largest and fastest-growing guest loyalty program in the hotel industry.  Named Best Hotel Rewards Program in the World five years running by Global Traveler magazine and Best Hotel Loyalty Program for three consecutive years by Business Traveler magazine, Priority Club Rewards offers more sought-after benefits and the greatest ease of use of any hotel loyalty program.  In addition to flexible features like No Points Expiration, No Blackout Dates, Points & Cash and Flights Anywhere™, Priority Club Rewards members have more options for point redemption than any other hotel loyalty program, including redemption at more than 500,000 lodging establishments worldwide – even at rivals' hotels – through the industry-leading Any Hotel, Anywhere reward.  Members can redeem points not only for hotel nights, but also for airline miles on more than 40 partner airlines, for auto rentals, for gift certificates and for hundreds of products available in the Rewards Catalog.  And Priority Club Rewards is the only hotel loyalty program to offer a Personal Shopper program that allows members to exchange points for items not found in the Rewards Catalog. Enrollment in Priority Club Rewards is free. Guests can enroll by logging onto priorityclub.com, by calling 1-888-211-9874 or by inquiring at the front desk of any of IHG's more than 4,400 hotels worldwide.

About ezRez® Software, Inc.

Founded in 2003, ezRez Software, Inc. is a San Francisco-based software company that enables its partners to sell any combination of travel products, including flights, hotels, car rentals, trip activities, travel insurance and packaging, to anyone, anywhere in the world. Its 'plug and play' platform, combined with access to more than 200,000 suppliers, gives clients the ability to quickly launch full online travel agency functionality. ezRez clients include some of the world's largest  airlines, hotels, travel agencies and banking loyalty programs.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) [LON: IHG, NYSE: IHG (ADRs)] is the world's largest hotel group by number of rooms.  IHG franchises, leases, manages or owns, through various subsidiaries, over 4,400 hotels and more than 650,000 guest rooms in 100 countries and territories around the world.  The Group owns a portfolio of well recognized and respected hotel brands including InterContinental® Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Indigo®, Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts, Holiday Inn® Hotels and Resorts, Holiday Inn Express®, Staybridge Suites® and Candlewood Suites® and also manages the world's largest hotel loyalty program, Priority Club® Rewards with 48 million members worldwide. IHG has 1,300 hotels in its development pipeline, which will create 160,000 jobs worldwide over the next few years.

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the Group's holding company and is incorporated in Great Britain and registered in England and Wales.

IHG offers information and online reservations for all its hotel brands at www.ihg.com and information for the Priority Club Rewards program at www.priorityclub.com. For the latest news from IHG, visit our online Press Office at www.ihg.com/media.

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新闻稿来源:洲际酒店集团在星期二2010年5月18 日,美国东部时间下午3时59分

亚特兰大,5月18日/新华美通/ - 洲际酒店集团的(洲际酒店集团)优先俱乐部奖赏®今天宣布,酒店无处不™,业界第一个赎回选择权,使成员能够立即兑现其优悦会积分,或结合在全球推出分和现金用于酒店,住宿几乎任何地方,即使在直接的竞争对手。优悦会的一个创新预付住宿卡扩展名为任何酒店,任何地方,新产品为消费者提供了更大的灵活性和非即时洲际酒店预订功能。




酒店的任何地方选择是目前英国提供给所有优悦会会员通过www.priorityclub.com / hotelsanywhere全世界。洲际酒店集团将继续与技术合作伙伴合作,推出软件 ezRez其他语言的酒店无处不在2010年以后。


全球48万会员,洲际酒店集团的优悦会是第一次,规模最大,在酒店业发展最快的客户忠诚度计划。被评为最佳酒店奖励在世界五个环球旅行家杂志和最佳酒店忠诚客户计划运行的三个商务旅行杂志,优悦会连续两年年计划提供更多受欢迎的好处,以及对任何酒店忠诚客户计划使用的最大方便。另外像没有积分过期,无日期限制,分及现金及航班灵活的特点随时随地™优悦会会员有赎回点比其他任何酒店忠诚客户计划,其中包括50多万世界各地的住宿场所赎回更多的选择 - 即使在竞争对手的酒店 - 通过行业领先的任何酒店,任何地方的奖励。大家可以赎回,不仅为酒店夜点,而且40多个伙伴航空公司的飞行里数,汽车租赁,礼品证书和奖励目录中的产品提供数百人。与优悦会是唯一的酒店忠诚客户计划提供个人购物计划,让成员交换点的项目中没有奖赏目录找到。在加入优悦会是免费的。客人可参加由上priorityclub.com记录,或致电1-888-211-9874在对洲际酒店集团的酒店有4400多名世界各地的前台查询。

关于ezRez ®软件公司

成立于2003年,ezRez软件公司是一家位于旧金山的软件公司,其合作伙伴可以出售任何的旅游产品,包括机票,酒店,汽车租赁,旅行活动,旅游保险和包装组合,对任何人,任何地方世界。它的'即插即用'的平台,获得超过20万供应商相结合,使客户能够迅速推出完整的在线旅行社的功能。 ezRez的客户包括世界上知名的航空公司,酒店,旅行社和一些银行的忠诚度方案。

洲际酒店集团(洲际)[伦敦股票交易所:IHG,纽约股票交易所:IHG(美国存托凭证)]是世界上拥有客房数最多的酒店集团。洲际酒店集团特许经营,租赁,管理或拥有,通过各个附属公司超过4400,酒店及超过65万在100个国家和地区的将近客房。该集团拥有多个闻名组合和酒店品牌,包括洲际®酒店及度假村,Hotel Indigo等酒店®,皇冠假日®酒店及度假村,假日酒店®酒店及度假村,快捷假日酒店®,Staybridge套房®和Candlewood Suites ®和同时管理着全球4800万会员的世界知名的酒店忠诚客户计划优悦会®奖励。洲际酒店集团拥有1300名在其发展管道,这将创造超过16万未来几年全球酒店工作。


洲际酒店集团为所有在www.ihg.com和优悦会计划的信息在www.priorityclub.com酒店品牌信息及在线预订。对于来自洲际酒店集团的最新消息,请访问网上新闻中心 www.ihg.com /媒体。
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