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优悦会 Priority Club大使介绍及常见问题,(英文)


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Section 2 – Ambassador status

Ambassador status is unique in as much as it can only be bought, notearned. Ambassador costs $150 per year, and expires 12 months from theend of the month of your purchase (join at can also join by spending 24,000 Priority Club points – e-mailPriority Club if you would like to do this. Renewal is $100 per year or20,000 PC points.

If used correctly, Ambassador can be the greatest bargain in travel.The core benefits are a voucher for a free weekend night, a guaranteedone-level upgrade, guaranteed 4pm late check-out, a voucher for 5,000free Priority Club points, use of the airport chauffeur service (at afee, so not much of a benefit), one free Pay TV movie per stay, awelcome gift per stay (some are good, some are naff!), no additionalcharge for double occupancy (at hotels which charge extra) and freefruit and mineral water. You also receive 20,000 bonus Priority Clubpoints after staying 15 nights as an Ambassador in IC-branded hotelsbefore December 2013!

Remember, these benefits are at IC hotels ONLY, and do not apply atHoliday Inn, CP’s etc. However, Ambassadors who have no PC status areautomatically promoted to PC Gold and receive the (weak) Gold benefitslisted in Post 1 at HI’s, CP’s etc.

Common questions about Ambassador status:

If I pay for Ambassador membership do I keep the same Priority Club number?

Yes. Your Ambassador number is also your PC number. If you are notalready a PC member, you will be enrolled automatically at Gold level.Your Ambassador membership card will also be your PC membership cardgoing forward.

What are the conditions for using the free weekend night certificate?

The voucher is valid for consecutive Fri / Sat or Sat / Sun stays,except for the Middle East where it is Thu / Fri or Fri / Sat. You mustpay for the Friday night if claiming Saturday free or the Saturdaynight if claiming Sunday free. You cannot decide which night is to bethe free one – if staying Fri / Sat / Sun then Sat is free. You MUSTpresent your voucher at check-in or the hotel can – and often will –refuse it. You cannot use the voucher on suites.

How long does the free weekend night voucher last?

Following a recent change, the voucher is valid for 12 months from the date you join Ambassador.

Are there any blackout dates for using free weekend night certificates?

No. If the hotel is selling rooms for that weekend it must accept thevoucher. Remember that you cannot use the voucher on suites.

What is a BOGO / BOGOF?

This is FT slang for the free weekend night voucher – it is shorthand for ‘buy one, get one free’

How do I book my free weekend night?

Book your stay online as usual. Any publicly available rates bookableonline are OK - this is likely to exclude employee / friends and family/ targetted e-mail sale rates. You do NOT need to tell the hotel inadvance that you are using a voucher – we actively recommend that youdon’t tell them, as human nature means that you may get a poorerupgrade if the hotel knows you are paying less than other guests. Ifyou are booking a prepaid rate, you can either book the free nightseparately on ‘Best Available Rate’, or pay for the entire stay inadvance and then get the hotel to refund you the free night atcheck-out.

How are free weekend night certificates treated for points and stay count?

You should receive the usual 2,000 points for your stay because of thepaid night - if you don't, contact the Ambassador service desk. For atwo-night weekend stay, you should only receive 1 night stay credit,although some hotels will give you 2 nights credit. If you receive 0nights credit, contact the Ambassador desk.

When are upgrades allocated?

Often only at check-in. However, some hotels upgrade in advance,especially for Royal Ambassadors. If you review you stay on the PCwebsite in the days before your stay you may see that you have beenupgraded already – although this upgrade can still change for better orworse!

Are vouchers transferable?

Theoretically no, but they are not named. Ambassadors often swap themvia FlyerTalk’s Coupon Connection (only visible to members with 90posts and 90 days membership). No-one on FT has ever had any problemsusing multiple certificates in a year.

Is there any way of getting free Ambassador status?

There are occasionally promotions that offer free IC status to anyonewho has three stays at an InterContinental-branded property within aspecific period of time. However, as you are missing out on theupgrade, free TV movie and fruit and water on these three stays, youare arguably better to pay the $150 upfront.

How long does my Ambassador kit take to arrive?

3-4 weeks, wherever you live (they are mailed from the US). Your statusis upgraded on line immediately, but you cannot do your ‘free weekendnight’ without having the physical voucher in your hand.

What is a ‘one level upgrade’?

Usually it is to the next category of room show in the PC bookingsystem, so ‘Classic’ to ‘Superior’ for example. However, a hotel iswithin its rights to give you the best room in the category you booked– if half the rooms overlook a car park and half don’t, you may just beguaranteed a non car-park view, for example.

Can I be upgraded to a Club room?

It is rare for a hotel to give an Ambassador club access. Club accessis often available at a discounted rate, however (eg IC London gives a50% discount).

Do I get free breakfast as an Ambassador?

No, unless you get a Club upgrade (see above)

Do I get early check-in as well as the advertised late check-out?

No, early check-in is only a benefit for Royal Ambassadors

Is the 5,000 PC points voucher transferable?

Yes – you can enter the activation code on any PC account and it willcredit 5,000 points to that account. As these points count towardsstatus, some FT’ers delay using them until the next calendar year ifthey know they will retain Platinum in the current year. It is alsocommon for FT’ers to swap the 5,000 point vouchers with otherAmbassadors for the free weekend night certificates through FT's'Coupon Connection' (only visible after 90 posts and 90 days FTmembership).

Do I need to rebook my existing bookings after I become Ambassador?

You may want to rebook any flexible bookings you have, as your statusis sent to the hotel at the time of booking and may not necessarilyupdate until the day of arrival.

Is there any point joining Ambassador if I never stay at InterContinental-branded properties?

Not really. You will benefit from the 5,000 bonus point voucher and youcould trade your free weekend night voucher for another 5,000 pointvoucher on FT ‘Coupon Connection’ (assuming you have access under the90 days and 90 posts rule) but this is not worth $150. You will beupgraded to PC Gold, which is valid at HI, HIX, CP etc but – asoutlined in Post 1 – Gold benefits are very minimal and in any eventyou will achieve Gold with 20,000 points anyway.

Are there special room rates for Ambassadors?

Some IC hotels run special promotions for Ambassador members. These arehighlighted in the monthly e-mail newsletter and on the Ambassadorwebsite at

Can I be comped to Ambassador from Hilton Plat / SPG Plat etc?

No.  You must purchase Ambassador status.

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