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BA计划的重大变化!-53楼 更新ba跟ib的兑换表!









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ysb41 发表于 2011-9-1 16:07:06  | 显示全部楼层 | 阅读模式
本帖最后由 ysb41 于 2011-9-20 20:21 编辑 ... hanges/public/en_gb



Hi all

Firstly, thank you for your questions and feedback so far. It really is very valuable to hear what you think and find out quickly where we need to clarify things - I appreciate it's a lot of information. So, the following are some key areas that I have picked up on some queries:

1) General reward pricing

I know there was a lot of speculation prior to us issuing our communications around a general increase in reward flight prices. To give you some context, (approximately) 73% of reward prices remain the same, 24% get cheaper and 3% will increase in price. This was as a result of the change to way we price rewards using a distance-banded model.

2) Redeeming into premium cabins

All members will continue to be able to redeem into all cabins provided they have enough Avios or Avios & Money (new name for Part Cash Part Miles) to do so

3) Miles for Upgrade will be known from the official launch as Upgrading using Avios. We know how much our members love this product and we will continue to enhance this. Improvements include the following:

- reductions in some of our prices will mean it is cheaper to upgrade on these routes as some of you have picked up on already
- you can now upgrade flights booked as part of a package - this can be done through your local service centre
- upgrades will now be priced on a sector basis - basically we will no longer charge for an upgrade of the whole journey, even if one or more sectors isn't available - you will only pay for the sector that you actually upgrade - this will mean clearer pricing on more complex journeys where you often travel in mixed cabins. I know, too, that some of our European and non-UK customers find this frustrating if one of their connecting journeys isn't available to upgrade
- MFU for Trade bookings - I take responsibility for the delayed delivery on this one - more news early next year but perhaps having visibility of what we have been working on may go some way to explaining the delay

4) Refunds of differences in reward prices in November - we will not automatically or proactively be refunding or collecting additional miles for that matter for the changes in reward prices. The price paid at the time of booking stands. We were pleased to be able to ensure that reward bookings are flexible for date and time changes and also refundable - a new fees structure is in place to ensure that rewards retain flexibility. Gold members will be exempt from all fees for rewards. If you do wish to cancel and rebook in order to take advantage of reduced reward prices a fee will apply for Blue and Silver members and we cannot guarantee availability so the advice is approach with caution on this one as I wouldn't like to see you lose reward availability as a result

5) We realise that we may have members in the Executive Club, the Avios reward programme or in Iberia Plus so we are developing a new tool called Combine my Avios which will allow you to combine some or all of your balances into one or the other programmes. There will be more details on this when it is live in November.

6) Earning Avios - from 16 November, you will earn exactly the same number of Avios on Iberia metal as you do on BA. The Avios reward programme customer will also be able to earn Avios when they fly on BA and IB metal - an enhancement on today

7) The Reward Flight Saver product will be available when you redeem on both British Airways and Iberia

And lastly (for now), we have said there is more to come and there is. I know some of you are anxious about future news but we are really excited about it and hope that you will be too.


Hi all

Some more points of clarity in response to queries:

1) Bermuda will cost 40,000 Avios

2) You will earn the same on AA and indeed all partner metal as you do today - there are some improvements on what you will earn on Iberia such as 500 minimum miles (Avios) and 100% Avios on discount economy tickets (today you only earn these on JB routes (direct transatlantic flights between Spain and North America).

3) Partner rewards pricing gets simpler - the new pricing grid which we will publish at launch should be used for BA only flights, BA plus one partner or partner only flights. The current oneworld multicarrier redemption will also continue to be used for bookings containing more than one partner.

4) Reward Flight Saver - wholly domestic connections will be included in the Avios and flat cash price. So for example:

LHR-CDG = 4500 Avios and £13.50 cash
GLA-LHR-CDG = 4500 Avios and £13.50 cash

LHR-CDG-LHR = 9000 Avios and £27 cash (£34 in Club Europe)
GLA-LHR-CDG-LHR-GLA = 9000 Avios and £27 cash (£34 in Club Europe)

The same will apply for similar journeys on IB.

For slightly more complex journeys:

LHR-MAD-FCO-MAD-LHR = 30,000 Avios and £54 cash (£68 in Club Europe)

Please continue to post your questions and I will do my best to answer them all. Please bear in mind that my inbox is a lot busier than usual and publicly posted questions could also help others too!

Best regards


Hi all

I knew the trickier questions would come from our most learned group of members

Sorry if it wasn't clear in my earlier post, partner rewards will be priced the same as BA. So - a single pricing table for itineraries which are:BA onlyBA +1 partner or partner only

For multi-partner itineraries these will be priced using the current oneworld multi carrier redemption. The pricing will be based largely on a distance banded model for all reward sectors. We are not purposfully witholding anything or trying to hide anything - I will be as informative as I can and try to keep up with your questions. Please do feel free to prompt me if you feel I am missing something important that needs a detailed or urgent answer.


Hi all

Just a little clarity on some queries I have picked up on:

1) Household Accounts are here to stay and in fact I think if you are not currently taking advantage of earning BA Miles for everyone in your Household you should take a look at the benefits of creating a Household Account - I have attached a link in case it helps. Not all programmes allow enrolment from birth for example and we are really proud of this aspect of the Club

2) The new Terms & Conditions can be found under for those who can't find them

3) We are definetly NOT going to be asking members to pay different reward prices - MFU or otherwise - based on tier - ie more expensive for Blue members over Gold etc nor will we be excluding particular tiers from redeeming in premium cabins. We do offer additional reward availability for our Gold members in economy but this is not at the expense of our Silver and Blue members

4) You do not need to do anything different to earn Avios - being an Executive Club member means you will automatically earn Avios.

5) If you happen to be a member of both the Executive Club and Avios (Air Miles) schemes as some of you have mentioned, then you can continue to collect in both schemes if you wish to do so. Similarly, as stated previously but worth mentioning again, we are introducing a tool to allow you to combine some or all of your Avios into either scheme. More details to follow on this in future communications.

6) Reward Flight Saver product - please bear in mind that this product is available to both Executive Club and the Avios reward programme (currently Air miles) when redeeming on BA and IB

7) New reward pricing tables will be the same in both schemes, in line with the approach to a common currency, separate programmes. You can continue to benefit from being a member in either programme through the excellent collection opportunities, the rewards available, flexibility for rewards through changes and cancellations (for a fee) and more flexible journeys like one way rewards. Again, we will communicate more details around reward pricing as soon as we can

Have a great weekend everyone although you will probably hear from me later depending on the queries which arise

Best regards


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myif 发表于 2011-9-1 16:12:20  | 显示全部楼层


我前面刚做完BA换QF澳洲境内多城市穿梭票,确实很爽,等我一会儿到宾馆了跟大家share一下经验和教训……  发表于 2011-9-2 04:36
不管是日本还是澳洲,这种短距离不应该是LAN最合算吗?  发表于 2011-9-4 23:29

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ysb41 发表于 2011-9-1 16:59:54  | 显示全部楼层
myif 发表于 2011-9-1 08:12

很多路线历程数有调整,目前看是降的多,lhr-pvg, bkk,sfo,lax等都降了,以后回国只要12万。。。。。我的里程算是变相正值了。。。。哈哈哈。。。。。

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ysb41 发表于 2011-9-1 20:42:31  | 显示全部楼层


最好吧。。LZ  发表于 2011-9-1 22:27

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我不爱沙滩 发表于 2011-9-1 23:22:04  | 显示全部楼层
ysb41 发表于 2011-9-1 20:42


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我不爱沙滩 发表于 2011-9-1 23:22:40  | 显示全部楼层
刚才查了一下邮箱 也收到邮件了 这个词感觉不好拼啊。。

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jaryzhang 发表于 2011-9-1 23:39:31  | 显示全部楼层

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小球藻 发表于 2011-9-2 00:14:34  | 显示全部楼层

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环球旅行家协会会长 发表于 2011-9-2 05:47:07  | 显示全部楼层

这个最新的Avois,取代Airmiles,就好似是国泰的AsiaMiles,而BAEC相当于马可波罗,以后BAEC赚分都是Avois。 和你一起成长

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mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 06:02:18  | 显示全部楼层
对我几乎没有影响. 只要LHR的税不降,我从JFK去欧洲还是那个价.

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兰州拉面 发表于 2011-9-2 06:03:40  | 显示全部楼层

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ysb41 发表于 2011-9-2 06:24:24  | 显示全部楼层
兰州拉面 发表于 2011-9-1 22:03

关于这个还没有官方说法,但目前的讨论是认为会变差,jfk 跟 lax出发到far east会要不同的里程,就是ba的分区会变。。。。

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willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:24:52  | 显示全部楼层
兰州拉面 发表于 2011-9-2 06:03

One Mile At A Time的lucky预计,可能会跟现在从伦敦走差不多,那就是 x 2.4。ft上比较保守的估计是双倍,经济舱100k美国往返亚洲。都是猜测。。。

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mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 09:46:53  | 显示全部楼层
willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:24
One Mile At A Time的lucky预计,可能会跟现在从伦敦走差不多,那就是 x 2.4。ft上比较保守的估计是双倍, ...

涨一倍啊,BA太狠了. 原来前一阵子Chase 100K和MR 50% bounce都是诱饵啊!

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willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:48:15  | 显示全部楼层
mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 09:46
涨一倍啊,BA太狠了. 原来前一阵子Chase 100K和MR 50% bounce都是诱饵啊!



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mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 09:49:32  | 显示全部楼层
willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:48


我20W BA里程被套了...考虑再十一月前换一个CX头等,把里程用掉

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mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 09:50:42  | 显示全部楼层
willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:48


AMEX最近杯具,CO要走了,AC涨价,ANA收YQ.如果BA再贬值的化, MR就没吸引力了

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willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:53:18  | 显示全部楼层
mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 09:50
AMEX最近杯具,CO要走了,AC涨价,ANA收YQ.如果BA再贬值的化, MR就没吸引力了


我趁前两天FAA关门全部转到了CO,然后换了1月2号 PVG-SFO-BOS头等,哈哈。可惜看到1/2马上就订了,也没研究一下有没有ANA啥的,不过多半木有。。。

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mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 10:02:56  | 显示全部楼层
willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 09:53

我趁前两天FAA关门全部转到了CO,然后换了1月2号 PVG-SFO-BOS头等,哈哈。可惜看到1/2马上就订了 ...

呵呵,PVG-SFO-BOS我去年才坐过的. PVG-SFO是UA的747,SFO-BOS是757.

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willywuua 发表于 2011-9-2 10:11:10  | 显示全部楼层
mediator 发表于 2011-9-2 10:02
呵呵,PVG-SFO-BOS我去年才坐过的. PVG-SFO是UA的747,SFO-BOS是757.


Flight UA0858
Shanghai, China (PVG)  San Francisco, CA (SFO)
10h 42m  Non-stop
777 | First



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