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据警方消息,遇害的中国学生名叫Sufeng He,是Tulsa大学工程系的在读学生,今年24岁。案发时,他正在熊猫快餐店(Panda Express)停车场。一名刚在附近作案后持枪逃窜的歹徒在他打开车门时向他开了枪。美国媒体称他是“在错误的时间,出现在了错误的地点“”(Mr. He, a resident of China who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, died at the scene.)

  They were dressed as utility workers, so they could be in the neighborhood without raising much suspicion. It was about ten in the morning on Tuesday in Prue, Oklahoma, and the two ‘linesmen’ knocked on the front door of a home.

  When the door was opened, the two burst in and tied up the two residents there, and then started hauling valuables out of the home, including a large number of guns. The invading burglars intended to use the big GMC van of their victims to carry off the loot.

  They untied one of the residents to take as a hostage. Once their victim was forced into the van, the trio sped away. A short time later, the victim left tied in the house worked himself loose and called the police. He reported that he knew where the gunmen were headed – to a house at 22nd and South Oswego in Tulsa – where they intended to “do harm.”

  By the time the police got to the address, the gunman and his hostage had already arrived, and a man later identified as 31-year old Billy Joe Hammons was holding a gun to the hostage’s head. When Hammons spotted the police, he immediately began firing shots, and that’s when it really got crazy.



  With the steering wheel in one hand and a gun blazing in the other, Hammons navigated toward Yale Avenue, and at 21st Street, he wheeled into the parking lot of the Walmart food store, where he threw the transmission into Park and ran inside.

  When shots rang out inside the Neighborhood Market, shoppers screamed and ran for the doors. Witnesses said the man with the gun fired shots into the air at first, and people just scrambled. A crowd of shoppers got outside only to find the gunman had followed them out. The shoppers raced back in.

  Hammons, still wielding his gun, ran to a nearby Chinese restaurant, the Panda Express. He approached a compact car where a driver sat behind the wheel and banged on the window with his gun. When the small car’s door finally opened, Hammons fired inside, killing 24-year old Sufeng He, an engineering student at the University of Tulsa. Mr. He, a resident of China who was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, died at the scene.

  Rather than stealing the car of the driver he had just killed, Hammons ran over to a pickup in the same parking lot. The owner quickly offered to give up his vehicle, once his wife and child were out of it. When Hammons climbed in and drove off, police were firing guns after him, hoping to head the gunman off.

  With one fatality left behind in the parking lot behind him, Hammons careened away in the pickup, traveling nearly two blocks before he crashed into a telephone pole at 22nd and Yale. There were reports that a gunshot was heard.

  Cautiously, members of a special police unit approached the crashed pickup, not knowing whether Hammons was holed up, just waiting to shoot again. It was about 2:15 Tuesday afternoon. The first officer reached the window and looked inside.

  Hammons was dead behind the wheel.

  As yet, no one knows why Billy Joe Hammons went wild on Tuesday, but the police, the friends and family of Mr. He, and the Walmart shoppers are talking about it still.

From News9

  TULSA, Oklahoma -- Tulsa Police are investigating an incident at 21st and Yale in which witnesses say a gunman shot and killed a man who wouldn't give up his vehicle.

  The incident began at about 12:30 p.m. when a man kidnapped a person in a GMC Safari minivan in the 2200 block of South Oswego Place.

  With police in pursuit, the thief got out of the van and carjacked a man in a white Ford pickup. Police chased him eastbound on 21st Street where he drove into the parking lot of the Walmart Neighborhood Market.

  Witnesses tell News On 6 the man ran into the store and opened fire. He then ran out of the store and tried to carjack a man in a small dark-colored car. Police say when that driver refused to give up the vehicle, the gunman shot and killed the man and the car rolled into the intersection.

  The University of Tulsa identified the man as Sufeng He, a 24-year-old eletrical engineering master's student from China.

  "Sufeng was a bright and promising student who was taken away from us much too soon as the result of this random and senseless act of violence," said TU President Steadman Upham. "The thoughts and prayers of the entire TU family go out to his family and friends during this terrible time."

  A spokesman for the University of Tulsa said a passenger in He's car was not injured.

  After the gunman shot and killed He, witnesses say he then carjacked Robert Sanderson and his family who were in a mid-90s extended cab Chevy pickup near the Panda Express.

  Sanderson told News On 6 he was stopped at a red light at 21st and Yale when he saw the gunman running across the intersection. Sanderson ran the red light to try to get away, but says the gunman jumped into the back of his truck.

  5/31/2011 Related Story: Tulsa Carjacking Victim To Gunman: 'Let Me Get My Baby'

  Sanderson says the gunman was yelling and pounding on the back glass, so Sanderson stopped in the entrance to the Walmart and got out of the truck.

  He says he begged the gunman to allow him to get his baby, his girlfriend and his girlfriend's younger brother out of the truck and the gunman agreed.

  The gunman drove off, firing as he went, almost immediately hitting a utility pole and stopping the truck. Witnesses say police had returned fire at the gunman, but it's not clear yet if they hit him.

  The gunman never got out of the truck. Police shut down the intersection and called in the Special Operations Team as they surrounded the vehicle.

  Police used their armored car and shields to approach the truck and confirmed the gunman was dead.

  Along the way the gunman dropped a gun and a holster near the drive-thru lane at the Panda Express.

  Homicide detectives are looking for the missing minivan. It's a white, 1999 GMC Safari, bearing Oklahoma tag 612-FLT. Police say the vehicle possibly contains a large amount of firearms. They say it may be driven by a white man in his 40s.

  News On 6 crews at the scene report hearing many gun shots, presumably fired by the gunman, throughout the ordeal.

  The police presence at the scene was so large and the investigation so extensive the Red Cross dispatched an emergency response vehicle and a volunteer team to provide beverages and energy-sustaining snacks to emergency responders.

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TMD,什么狗屁错误的时间,错误的地点? 横竖都是中国人的错? 这记者是脑残.


in the wrong place at wrong time是个常用的说法:恰巧,正好,不巧的意思  发表于 2011-6-2 13:55


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