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如果我要从NYC去ORD,直接定NYC-ORD票价约$200. 但我定NYC-ORD-LAX的化,票价只有$120.所以我可以定NYC-LAX这张票,然后直接在ORD下飞机...省钱. 缺点是无法托运行李,而且有可能被黑名单.

Air travel remains a necessity, even as it gets ever more expensive. First, the cost of flights, which fell throughout most of the 2000s relative to inflation, is climbing once again thanks to higher fuel prices. And then there are the added fees for everything from checked baggage to those vile croissanwiches.               

[url=]The Art of Hidden-City Ticketing[/url]

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Well, there’s a way to save some of that money. It’s called “hidden-city ticketing,” but before I explain how to execute the maneuver, you’re going to need some background. Passengers flying to or from airports that are dominated by a single carrier — like Memphis, Newark or Dallas/Fort Worth — pay fares 20 or 30 percent higher than at non-hub airports. The prices are even more inflated when you’re flying from a smaller city with a limited number of flights. A nonstop one-way ticket from Des Moines to Dallas/Fort Worth is $375 on American Airlines, for example — more than the $335 Delta will charge you to fly from Miami to Anchorage.        
But what happens when you’re interested in flying American from Des Moines to Los Angeles, which hosts a more competitive airport? That flight is only about half the price ($186), despite its being more than double the distance. Now, here’s the trick: American flights from Des Moines to L.A. have a layover in Dallas. If you want to travel to Dallas, the best way to get a reasonable fare is to book the flight to Los Angeles instead, and simply get off the plane at Dallas.        
Making a habit of this certainly won’t endear you to the airlines. Most of them — the major exception being free-spirited Southwest Airlines — expressly forbid it in their ticketing rules. But those rules don’t carry the force of law, and most travel lawyers say that their recourse is limited. They could probably preclude you from flying with them in the future, but their case for demanding penalties is weak, and the risk of detection is low if you don’t book these kinds of routes more often than a couple of times per carrier per year. Just remember these tips for successfully executing the phantom flight trick:        
1. Look to employ the switcheroo when your final destination is at a hub airport dominated by just one or two carriers, like Atlanta, Cleveland, Salt Lake City, Charlotte, Detroit, Cincinnati or Chicago O’Hare, all of which have overpriced tickets.        
2. When you’re traveling to one of those cities, you should search for phantom flights into airports that are more competitive — New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Boston are good examples. Search engines like Kayak.com will allow you to select your routing through your desired layover airport.        
3. Book your itinerary as a set of two one-way flights, rather than as a round trip. If you miss any segment of your itinerary, the airline will usually cancel the rest of it.        
4. Don’t check your bags, because they’ll find their way to the final destination listed on your itinerary. And get to your gate early, lest the overhead bins fill up.        
5. Don’t lie if you get caught — travel lawyers agree that misstating your intentions could leave you facing fraud charges. Instead, proudly state that you’re doing your part to help the airlines understand the inefficiencies in their pricing structures, and that you’re bringing exorbitant fares more in line with the free market.        
All of the fares are based on a kayak.com search for one-way flights on June 15. In each case, the price reflects the cheapest fare for the day on the carrier listed. The search was conducted on April 20.        
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还有thrown away, back-to-back.美国人民点子也是很多的

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国内早就这么玩了啊 上海-西安-乌鲁木齐 就有人从西安下飞机,导致要清仓,航班延误

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trman 发表于 2011-5-9 18:16
国内早就这么玩了啊 上海-西安-乌鲁木齐 就有人从西安下飞机,导致要清仓,航班延误

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badeng 发表于 2011-6-26 09:31 避免少的人有多东西在机上。。。。

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mediator 发表于 2011-5-10 07:31
还有thrown away, back-to-back.美国人民点子也是很多的

这种事情大概在5-7年中也就只能玩1-2次 次数频繁 这位施主可能会上No-fly List


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ayzmsck + 10 大湿深谙此道哇~

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皮卡 发表于 2011-5-10 11:54
我前两年出差去德国的时候旅行社给买的回程票就是慕尼黑-北京-广州,而我只到北京,问原因说的就是这样定便 ...


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searmo 2011-5-10 16:21:09  | 显示全部楼层
楼上真是 羊毛薅到极致呀

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呼吸困难 发表于 2011-5-10 16:52 看来是卖的没有买的精。

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laoyaoguai 发表于 2011-5-10 13:14


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onlyou 2011-5-10 22:24:11  | 显示全部楼层
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trman 发表于 2011-5-9 19:10
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trman 发表于 2011-5-10 18:14
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如果下机的旅客在飞机上遗留了什么东西就会有安全隐患啊,民航不是规定人和行李不能 ...


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searmo 发表于 2011-5-10 16:21
楼上真是 羊毛薅到极致呀


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hansyuwiwb 2011-5-12 21:53:15  | 显示全部楼层
我的经验是如果你不填frequent flyer number的话航空公司是很难发现的。我在美国国内正常遵守规则的时候用中国护照飞,如果我back to back就用美国的驾照飞。证件不一样他们很难看出来的。

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badeng 2011-6-26 09:38:11  | 显示全部楼层
其实只要不是经停的航班 你在中间任何一段终止旅程都没问题的。。。。。反而你的售票处可能还要被罚。。。。。

而这种多段便宜过单程的票 一般都是出现在这些各种中转联程的航班里 经停的很少有终点站便宜过经停站的。。。。
亲爱的小比 一路走好 粑粑麻麻永远爱你~~

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最见到就是 浦东 天津 赤峰

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你好6288 发表于 2011-6-26 09:42
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最见到就是 浦东 天津 赤峰

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