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NEW AAdvantage Elite Status Challenge/Exception (Executive Platinum / EXP)








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yangwang 发表于 2011-4-22 16:27:16  | 显示全部楼层 | 阅读模式
AAdvantage Elite Status Challenge/Exception (EXECUTIVE PLATINUM: XP/EXP/ExecP)

UPDATE: This exclusive program is NO longer being offered unfortunately. Folks interested may check with AA Customer Service if it is being offered again in the future. Congrats to all those who signed up. This thread will still benefit those who signed up and may need helpful info to complete the challenge. Cheers!

I am putting together this extensive guide for (1) Folks interested in obtaining and (2) successfully completing the Executive Platinum Challenge (or sometimes called "XP Exception"). This guide and the following is meant to be useful for all those wanting to obtain XP status through this opportunity. Please kindly note and respect the intention of this thread.

This program like other elite status challenges is an unpublished offer by AA. It appears to be intended to lure top tier elites in competing airlines (UA, DL, US, CO etc) to the dAArk side. But unlike other challenges this one is FREE. For example, 1K/GS members from United are matched to Platinum status for free AND are given 3 months (starting time of their choosing) to complete 25K EQPs (Elite Qualifying Points). Upon successful completion of 25K Points within 3 months, one is made a FULL Executive Platinum member. This (challenge/exception) status is good through February of the following year unless the challenge was started after June 15 in which cases the XP status will be valid for an additional year. For example if someone starts the challenge on or after June 16 in 2011 then upon successful completion of 25K EQPs will get XP status good until Feb 2013. Challenges started on or before June 15 will get EXP status good through February 2012.

Like all other challenge offers by AA, XP challenge/exception is a fastrack to XP status. You still have to qualify by regular methods if you want to maintain XP status beyond the gratis period. So if you are doing a challenge this year and start before June 16, then you will get XP for Feb. 2012. However if you want XP for 2013, you will still have to fly 100K EQPs/EQMs in 2011 OR start your challenge after June 16th.

The following is borrowed from a similar thread on status challenge for GOLD and PLATINUM status. Lots of useful information can be found in these threads:

Wiki: Elite Status Challenge
Has good general info on elite status match but only mentions gold and platinum status challenges.

FT: AA GLD & PLT Elite Status Challenges
FT's thread on Gold and Platinum status match.

FT: An excellent guide written by an EXP with 1K status on United.
The guide is somewhat dated but some of it may still be useful.

(1) Please kindly contact me via pm if you have suggestions, questions, criticisms etc. Also welcome additions and/or new information that I may have left out. Help me to make this an excellent and extensive guide for XP challenge. Thanks.

(2) This thread aims to be resourceful to eligible readers seeking and completing the XP Challenge.

(3) I'll be happy to respond to questions by PM only. But I will NOT respond to specific questions/inquiries posted in this thread.

(4) For reasons of literary aesthetics, I use the abbreviation "XP" for Executive Platinum. This may go against the conventional and more combersome "EXP". But in the meaning and its referent, "XP" and "EXP" remain the same. You are welcome to follow your own preference.

KEWORDS: American Airlines Status Match; Executive Platinum Free Status; AA Free Elite Status.


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