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IHG 2010年终总结


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From IHG’s viewpoint: “2010 was an excellent year for IHG.” – Andrew Cosslett, CEO InterContinental Hotels Group.
InterContinental Hotels Group released its 2010 Q-4 and year-end financial report (IHG 2010-year end pdf). Loyalty traveler has filtered pertinent information for frequent guests.
Priority Club Membership
Priority Club had record enrollment for 2010, growing to 56 million members from 48 million in 2009.
IHG Global Trends for 2010
  • 3,458 IHG branded hotels open as of Dec. 31, 2010.
  • 247 Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express hotels removed from system in 2010.
  • 2,956 Holiday Inn/Holiday Inn Express hotels are open with new signage and updated brand standards as of Dec 31, 2010. This represents 89% of the properties. [LT note: Not sure why there is a discrepancy in numbers from 3,002 hotels listed at beginning of IHG report. Update 2-17: Please see comment for this post regarding discrepancy being due to Jan 31, 2011 updated information.]
  • 1,275 hotels in IHG pipeline with signed contracts.
  • The biggest development boost by brand is in the Hotel Indigo brand currently at 38 hotels for 2010, but with 62 hotels in the pipeline including 12 for Asia and Europe.
  • 50% of new rooms in pipeline are outside Americas region.

Holiday Inn Brand
IHG added 259 hotels in 2010 and dropped 260 hotels for a net gain of minus one hotel. The hotels dropped are primarily Holiday Inn hotels that did not participate in property improvement plans to meet the new Holiday Inn brand standards. The $1 billion improvement project to relaunch Holiday Inn as a modern brand is nearly completed. The company states 3,002 hotels are now operating under new Holiday Inn standards (91% of properties). Forecast for 2011 is little net gain for Holiday Inn properties as hotels continue to exit system as part of improved brand standards relaunch.
Crowne Plaza Makeover
Crowne Plaza brand improvement is the next phase of the IHG makeover. IHG states Crowne Plaza (388 hotels) is the fourth largest upscale brand in the world. By my analysis, IHG either passed up Sheraton (395) in number of hotels or they did not count Radisson Hotels (425) as an upscale brand according to my hotel brand global properties research calculations last week.
[Feb 17 update for clarification (please see IHG and LT comments for this post): Crowne Plaza is the 4th largest upscale brand globally based on the hotel industry standard of measurement - "number of hotel rooms".
Loyalty Traveler prefers to rank hotel brand size by number of hotels rather than rooms since the traveler generally only cares about booking one room at a time and more about the number of hotels for geographic coverage around the globe. This leads to a different hotel brand ranking order than is normally used when measuring hotel brand size by the hotel industry.]
  • Marriott = 550 hotels worldwide
  • Hilton = 540 hotels
  • Radisson = 425 hotels
  • Sheraton = 395 hotels
  • Crowne Plaza = 388 hotels
IHG Worldwide properties 12-31-2010

2010 Property Highlights Americas
  • InterContinental Times Square opened in New York
  • Staybridge Suites opened in New York as first property of this brand (LT note: and fixed price of 20,000 points per night makes this a Priority Club value property for NY visitors.)
  • Holiday Inn Beachcomber Resort, Waikiki, Honolulu marks reappearance of IHG in Hawaii.
  • InterContinental Alliance with Las Vegas Sands Corp. will bring Venetian and Palazzo Resorts into IHG system.
  • 215 hotels removed from IHG brands, primarily Holiday Inn and Holiday Inn Express
  • 407 Holiday Inn Express hotels in pipeline [LT note: HIX will likely surge ahead of Super 8 and Comfort Inn to be the clear #2 largest hotel brand globally behind Best Western.]

2010 Property Highlights Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)
58 hotels in EMEA signed in 2010 including:
  • 8 Hotel Indigo properties in locations like Berlin, Lisbon and Madrid.
  • 6 Crowne Plaza properties in locations like Amsterdam, Istanbul and St. Petersburg.
  • Germany= 9 hotels signed.
  • France = 6 hotels signed.
  • Hotel Indigo, Tower Hill London opened.
  • Staybridge Suites St. Petersburg opened.
  • Holiday Inn Berlin International Airport opened.

2010 Property Highlights Asia Pacific
  • 24 hotels in 17 cities of China opened.
  • 145 IHG hotels are open in China.
  • 147 IHG hotels currently in pipeline for China.
  • Hotel Indigo Shanghai on the Bund
  • InterContinental Shanghai Expo
  • Crowne Plaza Lumpini Park Bangkok, Thailand opened December 2010.
  • Two Holiday Inn Resorts signed in Vietnam in beach locations – Cam Ranh Bay and Phu Quoc
  • 6 hotels signed in India.
  • 65% of rooms opened in 2010 were in upscale brands InterContinental, Crowne plaza and Hotel Indigo.

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InterContinental Alliance with Las Vegas Sands Corp. will bring Venetian and Palazzo Resorts into IHG system.
There is so much beauty in the world!

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InterContinental Alliance with Las Vegas Sands Corp. will bring Venetian and Palazzo Resorts ...



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