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[英国中部BMI(已退出)] BMI的故事-上海-新加坡-马累


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40000 miles=COST 中国往返马代 8-10区
Q1 2010

130RMB*4STAY=520rmb=22000 miles

250rmb*18night/最好分开stay=4500 =18000 miles
扣除成本4free night =900*4=3600(Q1有1个4次送1个免房)
希尔顿   积分换算

FOR Q2 2010
40000 miles=COST 往返马代
130*4=520rmb=22000 miles

250*6=1500 =18000 miles
希尔顿   积分换算

税费 1700RMB

如含4晚假日免费房or 希尔顿免费房 总成本=3120+3600=6720rmb1个人往返+4晚住宿)

航线  上海——新加坡——马雷(其中新加坡可中转停留72小时)

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Super8   130*36=4680rmb=18000miles
With just one ticket, you can fly to over 855 destinations in more than 155 countries. The table below details the number of destinations miles required for award travel with bmi and Star Alliance member airlines. You'll also be able to achieve your flight rewards quicker by topping up the miles that you've earned with cash.
Miles required for a return flight in Economy
Bracketed figures detail the number of miles and cash required for a return Economy flight.
              Zone 1        Zone 2        Zone 3        Zone 4        Zone 5        Zone 6        Zone 7        Zone 8        Zone 9        Zone 10        Zone 11        Zone 12
Zone 1        9000
(4500 + £40)         12000
(6000 + £70)        45000
(25000 + £140)        50000
(25000 + £170)        40000
(20000 + £140)        50000
(25000 + £170)        80000
(40000 + £270)        70000
(35000 + £240)        100000
(50000 + £340)        50000
(25000 + £170)        80000
(40000 + £270)        -
Zone 2        -         20000
(10000 + £70)        50000
(25000 + £170)        50000
(25000 + £170)        30000
(15000 + £100)        50000
(25000 + £170)        80000
(40000 + £270)        50000
(25000 + £170)        100000
(50000 + £340)        40000
(20000 + £140)        80000
(40000 + £270)        -
Zone 3        -         -        30000
(15000 + £100)        40000
(20000 + £140)        80000
(40000 + £270)        100000
(50000 + £340)        100000
(50000 + £340)        80000
(40000 + £270)        80000
(40000 + £270)        80000
(40000 + £270)        40000
(20000 + £140)        -
Zone 4        -         -        -        30000
(15000 + £100)        80000
(40000 + £270)        80000
(40000 + £270)        100000
(50000 + £340)        100000
(50000 + £340)        80000
(40000 + £270)        80000
(40000 + £270)        50000
(25000 + £170)        -
Zone 5        -         -        -        -        20000
(10000 + £70)        30000
(15000 + £100)        50000
(25000 + £170)        80000
(40000 + £270)        100000
(50000 + £340)        40000
(20000 + £140)        100000
(50000 + £340)        -
Zone 6        -         -        -        -        -        20000
(10000 + £70)        50000
(25000 + £170)        80000
(40000 + £270)        80000
(40000 + £270)        50000
(25000 + £170)        100000
(50000 + £340)        -
Zone 7        -         -        -        -        -        -        20000
(10000 + £70)        30000
(15000 + £100)        50000
(25000 + £170)        30000
(15000 + £100)        80000
(40000 + £270)        -
Zone 8        -         -        -        -        -        -        -        30000
(15000 + £100)        50000
(25000 + £170)        40000
(20000 + £140)        50000
(25000 + £170)        -
Zone 9        -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -        30000
(15000 + £100)        80000
(40000 + £270)        50000
(25000 + £170)        -
Zone 10        -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        80000
(40000 + £270)        -
Zone 11        -         -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        -        200000
(100000 + £680)
Please note: for any travel originating outside of the UK, cash values above will be converted into the equivalent local currency at the time of booking.
All cash values shown exclude applicable taxes and charges
Restrictions may apply to miles plus cash bookings
Area        Destination
Connecting        All connecting flights for journeys where the final destination is within zone 1 or zone 2 will be charged at 7500 miles
Zone 1        UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Republic of Ireland, Switzerland
Zone 2        Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldavia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain (including Balearics), Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, Yugoslavia
Zone 3        Belize, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Greenland, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, USA
Zone 4        Antigua, Argentina, Bahamas, Barbados, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Caribbean, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Martinique, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, St Lucia, St Thomas, Uruguay,Venezuela
Zone 5        Azerbaijan, Cameroon, Cape Verde, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea Bissea, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Nigeria, Oman, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, United Arab Emirates,Yemen
Zone 6        Angola, Cote d`Ivoire, Mozambique, Namibia, Sao Tome Island, South Africa, Zimbabwe
Zone 7        Bangladesh, Borneo, Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, The Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand,Vietnam
Zone 8        China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan
Zone 9        Australia (including Tasmania), Cook Islands, Fiji, French Polynesia, Guam, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Norfolk Islands, Tonga,Western Samoa
Zone 10        India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan
Zone 11        Hawaii
Zone 12        Round the world
Miles required for a return flight in Business or First
                                            Miles         Miles + cash
Redemptions in First from 1 May 2009 †                 x 2.5         Miles x 2.5 + cash x 2.5
Redemptions in First                 x 2.0         Miles x 2.0 + cash x 2.0
Redemptions in Business                  x 1.5         Miles x 1.5 + cash x 1.5
Redemptions Premium Economy*                 x 1.25         Miles x 1.25 + cash x 1.25
NB: Business/First class redemptions not available on all sectors
Connecting flights for journeys where the final destination is within zone 1 or zone 2         7500 miles or (4000 miles + £30)
* bmi Longhaul only.
† From 1 May 2009 all first class redemptions on Lufthansa are subject to a 10000 mile surcharge
Flight for friends
You can treat friends and family with flights bought with destinations miles. For security reasons we ask that you make the booking and pay for any taxes and charges yourself (and the tickets will be sent to your address) but you can book them for whoever you wish. Please ensure you make the booking at least 7 working days before the departure date.
Flights for children
Infants under 2 years, accompanied by an adult and not occupying a seat, travel free on all flights. Children aged 2-11 years (inclusive) travel for approximately 75% of the adult redemption level on bmi, but for 100% on all partner flights.
One way journeys
One way journeys will be charged at half the number of miles and miles plus cash, excluding non- Star partners.
To book a bmi flight, simply sign into your account and view the "spend miles online" area.
To book a flight with a Star Alliance member airline, call Diamond Club 0870 606 9977.
Guidelines for use

1 The outbound and return portion of your journey must be booked at the same time. When making your booking precise travel destinations must be selected.
2 Return journeys must commence and return to the same country.
3 If award travel is booked in a variety of booking classes i.e. a combination of Economy, Business and Frst class, then miles for the highest class of travel must be redeemed.
4 Diamond Club rules apply for ticket validity/date of booking/reward changes, refunds etc.
5 Back-tracking is not permitted. This means that travel must be made via the most direct route and travel must continue in the same general direction as it started, unless routing restrictions prevent this.
6 When travel involves more than one carrier, all airlines must be Star Alliance carriers.
7 Open-jaw Awards are permitted only within the same zone. By this we mean that it is possible to depart from a different destination than the one you arrived into, providing that the arrival and departure destinations are within the same zone.
8 One way journeys are permitted and will be charged at half the number of miles.
9 No stop-overs are permitted within Europe. Outside of Europe one stop-over is permitted. A stop-over is a lapse of at least 24 hours between your arrival and departure at any transfer point, i.e. if travelling from London Heathrow to Singapore via Frankfurt, you would not be able to stay in Frankfurt for more than 24 hours.
Round the world Awards

1 A round the world trip is defined as one Pacific and one Atlantic crossing.
2 A maximum of 10 sectors are permitted for round the world Awards.
3 A maximum of 6 stopovers are permitted for round the world Awards, which may be within the same Zone.
4 Round the world Award flights must commence and be completed within a 12 month period.
For more information, and full terms and conditions please visit the Diamond Club website at

All information is correct at time of publishing.

Membership Details
Member number
Member level
Destinations miles
Status miles

Air Canada
Air Canada operates extensive flights from Europe to Canada and numerous connections within Canada. You can also take a range of onward flights to the USA, the Caribbean, South America and Asia.

Air China
Air China is the only airline company which flies with the national flag. The headquarters is located in Beijing. Air China owns 176 Boeing and Airbus planes and flies to 22 countries and districts, among which there are 36 international cities and 70 domestic cities. There are 4,160 scheduled flights per week.

Air New Zealand
Air New Zealand fly to 25 destinations in New Zealand and 22 international destinations. Fly between London and the Pacific, via Los Angeles, and enjoy a uniquely Pacific approach to hospitality.

ANA fly from Europe to Japan and also have around 800 daily flights to 46 destinations within Japan, as well as onward connections to Asia and the USA.

Asiana Airlines
Asiana Airline's main hub is the ultra-modern Incheon International Airport in Seoul. It provides convenient connections throughout Asia and beyond and offers more services between Korea, China and Japan than any other airline.

Austrian Airlines Group
Austrian, together with Lauda Air and Austrian arrows, offers flights to 130 destinations in 66 countries on all five continents.

Brussels Airlines
Brussels Airlines offers the widest choice of flights to and from Brussels Airport. With a fleet of 51 aircraft, they operate 300 flights daily, connecting the Capital of Europe to some 70 premium European and African airports. Brussels Airlines will officially join Star Alliance at the end of 2009.

Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines is a global network carrier flying to 262 destinations worldwide, 130 domestic and 132 international. The company provides customers with over 2,400 daily departures, mainly from its hubs in Cleveland, Newark and Houston. Continental prides itself to have one of the youngest and most fuel efficient fleet amongst all global carriers. The company recently celebrated its 75th birthday, and has been awarded #1 World's Most Admired Airline by Fortune magazine for the 6th year in a row.

EgyptAir is the World-renowned National Airline of Egypt, currently, 49 aircrafts across the world to 60 destinations in 44 Countries through 1,200 weekly flights carried more than 6.5 million passengers in 2006/2007, to fulfil the travel needs of both business and leisure travel. In 2004, EgyptAir demonstrated the scale of its commitment to the highest standards of safety by being the first IOSA Certified Airline in the Middle East and Africa.

LOT Polish Airlines fly to 49 destinations in 31 countries worldwide, with comprehensive services within Poland, Europe and also selected US services.

Lufthansa fly to Germany and across the world, including Europe, Asia, The Middle East, The Americas and Africa.

Scandinavian Airlines offers an extensive number of flights to Scandinavia and Finland and worldwide connections to Europe, North America, and The Far East.

Shanghai Airlines
Shanghai Airlines is the fifth largest carrier in China and has operations at both Hongqiao International and Pudong International airports in Shanghai, China. Shanghai Airlines has developed routes reaching most of the large and medium cities throughout China as well as ten international destinations in the Asia / Pacific region, including Hong Kong; Osaka, Japan; Phnom Penh, Cambodia; Phuket, Thailand and Seoul, Korea.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines fly from all the major European hubs to Singapore. From here you can take onward connections to Asia, or further afield to Australia, New Zealand and North America.

South African Airways
South African Airways is the Star Alliance's most recent member and makes it the first aviation alliance to include an African airline. SAA fly between Europe and South Africa, and offer a gateway to the rest of Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands, India, the Far East, Asia, Australia and North and South America.

Spanair operate numerous flights both within Spain and the Canaries and also across Europe predominantly to Scandinavia and Germany, as well as Malabo.

SWISS joined the Star Alliance on 7 April 2006. They fly to 69 destinations spanning Europe, Asia, North and South America and Africa. The addition of SWISS to the Star Alliance now offers customers more choice with key international routes through the Americas, Africa and Asia.

TAP Portugal
TAP Portugal offers an average of 180 daily flights to 42 destinations in 25 countries in Europe, Africa as well as North, Central and South America. With the addition of TAP to the Star Alliance travel times have been cut from Europe to the busy hub of north eastern Brazil by several hours.

Thai Airways International
THAI fly between Europe and Bangkok, and connect to domestic flights within Thailand, and a network that spans Asia. Onward destinations from Thailand include Australia, New Zealand, USA, Japan, South Asia, Indochina and the Middle East.

Turkish Airlines
Turkish Airlines has been the national flag carrier since it was founded in 1933. Turkish Airlines has been ranked as a 4 star Airline by the SKYTRAX magazine. With the fleet size of 102 aircraft, carrying 19.65 million passengers in 2007 and operated 108 international, 32 domestic, in total 140 direct flight destinations. Turkish Airlines is one of the fastest growing airlines within the European market with a capacity of 20 million passengers in 2007.

United fly transatlantic to six US gateway cities and over 100 cities in North America. You can also connect with United from the USA to South and Central America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

US Airways
US Airways serves over 91 International and domestic airports with over 1,100 departures each day to Europe, The Caribbean and Canada.

Other airline partners
bmibaby, the award winning low cost airline, offers tiny fares to routes across Europe from four UK bases at Birmingham, Cardiff, East Midlands and Manchester. Choose from over 25 destinations throughout the UK, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands and the Channel Islands.

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways is the national carrier of the State of Qatar and one of only six airlines in the world with a Five Star ranking for service and excellence awarded by Skytrax, the independent aviation industry monitoring agency. Qatar Airways currently operates a modern fleet of 64 Boeing and Airbus aircraft to 83 destinations worldwide from its Doha hub. With a wide range of destinations to choose from around the world, Qatar Airways' global network spans North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, Indian subcontinent and the Far East.

TAM Airlines
TAM Airlines has passion to fly and serve. That's why it became the largest airline in South America and was the pioneer in the launch of a loyalty program in Brazil, the TAM Fidelidade FFP. In 2009 TAM Airlines flew more than 700 daily flights to over 60 destinations in Brazil, USA, Europe and South America.

Transaero Airlines
Since making its inaugural flight in 1991 Transaero have made over 100,000 flights to 145 destinations in 56 countries around the world, including Cuba, Singapore and Egypt. The Moscow based carrier has a fleet of 14 aircraft including the Boeing 747, seating 468 passengers.

Virgin Atlantic Airways
Virgin Atlantic offer long haul flights from London to the United States, Caribbean, South Africa, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Delhi, Port Harcourt and Lagos.

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也就是等于用速8的99元 上海火车南站 换来1000bmi里程。

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新航的税是1700,上海往返哦,已加税费 1700RMB


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因为bmi的里程理论上到30000或40000的整数最好,这次的22000后,没有+8000 or 18000里程

从理论上分析,选择酒店伙伴是最好的选择,希尔顿品牌的每晚可以1000里程bmi,max 3000里程每stay,也就是最多3晚。


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重庆的hilton 最便宜的时候是220

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白金时代 ~~~~~~~~

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星空联盟(Star Alliance)成立于1997年,总部位于德国法兰克福,是世界上第一家全球性航空公司联盟,全球知名的航空联盟。


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