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Dear Flyer Talk Members,

It’s now officially spring and that means the promise of warmer weatherand a terrific new promotion from Hyatt Gold Passport. Last year, wemade significant enhancements to the Program and launched them throughThe Big Welcome promotion. We are now pleased to announce an encore --The Big Welcome Back, which will launch on Friday, March 26th. Memberswill have the opportunity to earn either 1 (one) Free Night Award or5,000 Hyatt Gold Passport bonus points after every 2 (two) eligiblestays at any Hyatt worldwide through June 30, 2010.

As a part of Hyatt’s commitment to making guests feel more than welcomewith each and every stay, The Big Welcome Back was designed to make iteasier than ever to return to Hyatt for a complimentary stay. Becausethe only thing better than welcoming you, is welcoming you back.

Free Night Awards are valid from April 1 through August 31, 2010, andthere is no limit to the number of free nights or bonus points a membercan earn during this promotion period. Please note that the expirationdate for Free Night Awards will not be extended beyond August 31st norcan free night awards be converted to Hyatt Gold Passport points.

For additional details, please see the following Frequently AskedQuestions and the Promotion Terms and Conditions and visitgoldpassport.com on March 26th to register and begin earning yourchoice of free night awards or bonus points.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon at one of our great properties around the world.

Safe travels,
Karen Smith
Gold Passport Concierge


ELIGIBILITY/HOW TO REGISTER: To be eligible to participate in thisPromotion, you must be a Hyatt Gold Passport member. To register forthis Promotion, visit http://www.goldpassport.hyatt.com/gp...lcome-back.jsp("Web Site") during the Promotion Period, and follow the instructionsor call 1-800-228-3360 or your nearest Worldwide Reservation Centre.You will receive an option to register for one (1) of the followingOffers described below: (a) Free Nights Offer or (b) 5,000 Hyatt GoldPassport Bonus Points Offer (collectively “Offers”). You may notregister for both offers and you will not be permitted to change yourOffer selection at any time during the Promotion Period. Void whereprohibited.

PROMOTION PERIOD:  Promotion begins March 26, 2010 and ends on June 30, 2010 (“Promotion Period”).   

FREE NIGHT AWARD RESTRICTIONS: Please allow ten (10) days after each ofyour second Eligible Stays for Free Night Award(s) to be posted to yourHyatt Gold Passport account (allow 2-3 weeks for awards from staysoutside the U.S.). Free Night Award(s) must be posted to your accountprior to redemption.

Reservations for Free Night Award(s) redemption are subject toavailability and must be made in advance by visiting the My PromotionalAwards page within goldpassport.com, or by calling 1-800-228-3360 oryour nearest Hyatt Worldwide Reservation Centre. Free Night Award(s)can only be redeemed for stays between April 1, 2010 and August 31,2010 and are not transferable. Free Night Award(s) are valid forstandard room accommodations only and do not include incidentalexpenses, gratuities, service charges or other hotel-specific charges.Free Night Award(s) are valid for single or double occupancy.Additional guests are subject to additional hotel charges. Stays athotels outside the U.S. may be subject to government approvals,regulations, restrictions and taxes. Other restrictions may apply.

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吼吼,wait and c what gonna to offer to us!
Heroes get remembered, Legends never die!

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终于知道这个Big Welcome Back是什么了!原来就是这个东东



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NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER, PLAY OR WIN THE BIG WELCOME SWEEPSTAKESFROM HYATT GOLD PASSPORT OR THE BIG WELCOME CONTEST FROM HYATT GOLDPASSPORT. Entry requires free membership to Hyatt Gold Passport.Membership is free and without further obligation other than normalmember obligations. Register at www.TheBigWelcome.com. New and existingHyatt Gold Passport (“Gold Passport”) members are eligible toparticipate and win. Participants may cancel membership any time and/or request removal from sweepstakes or contest and deletion ofpersonal data. Must be the age of majority in your homestate/province/country and a legal resident of one of the followingRegions: North America (the 50 U.S. (including D.C.) or Canada(excluding Quebec), Europe (EU, Russia, Switzerland, Turkey orUkraine), or Asia Pacific (Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, NewZealand, People’s Republic of China, Republic of Korea, Singapore,Taiwan or Thailand). Void where prohibited. Subject to Official Rules.Contest Grand Prize for one winner each in North America, Europe andAsia Pacific is 365 nights at Hyatt Hotels and 1 million miles on anairline frequent flyer program of winner’s choice, from a participatingHyatt airline travel partner; Free nights for standard rooms only,subject to Gold Passport program terms, and expire on June 30, 2014;ARV $94,350 (*or equivalent in local currency based on officialexchange rate at redemption). 10,000 Daily Sweepstakes Prize winners ineach region (North America, Europe and Asia Pacific) will receive oneHyatt Gold Passport Free Night award valid through June 30, 2010 at aHyatt Hotel of winner’s choice, based on availability. ARV of allsweepstakes prizes is $1,900,000 USD*. Sweepstakes winners will bechosen by chance in weekly electronic drawings during the sweepstakesperiod. Contest participants must submit an essay answering, “How wouldyou spend 365 free nights at Hyatt to create an unforgettableexperience?” See Official Rules for language requirements and wordlimits in each region. Essays judged on a point system for originality,reflection of Hyatt brand attributes, clarity and grammar. Bonus pointsawarded for the submission of supporting photo, original drawing, videoor audio file. The Grand Prize winner will be selected by a judgingpanel based on the same criteria as in the Preliminary Round. Eventsdescribed must be legal and described in language suitable for allages. For complete details, including Gold Passport registrationrequirements and Official Rules, click here (North America), click here (Asia Pacific), or click here(Europe). The Big Welcome Sweepstakes and Contest from Hyatt GoldPassport both start at 12:01 a.m. CDT on April 2, 2009 and end at 11:59p.m. CDT on May 13, 2009. Sponsored/Promoted 2009 by Hyatt Corporation,71 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606. Administered in North Americaby GMR Marketing LLC (5000 South Towne Drive, New Berlin, WI 53151), inthe U.K. for Europe (the EU, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine) by SmartfusionSV Ltd. (1 Riverside, Manbre Road, London W6 9WA, United Kingdom), andin Asia Pacific by Fleishman-Hillard Hong Kong (Hong Kong Ltd. Suite1501, Cityplaza 4, 12 Taikoo Wan Road, Taikoo Shing, Hong Kong).

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