Ritz-Carlton将引入积分计划了。。Ritz-Carlton Rewards








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http://travel.usatoday.com/hotel ... -customers/112143/1





对于RC 白金,升级标准同MR白金,也都是10/50/75的标准升级elite,
另外,MR 白金和金,享受同RC白金和金一样的待遇。只是名称的不同而异。

对于MR P and G

Elite Benefits Guarantee at The Ritz-Carlton Hotels (for Members of the Marriott Rewards Program and The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Program)
Platinum and Gold Membership
  • Hotels located in the United States will pay $200/$100 US dollars for all Elite Benefits Guarantee compensation. Hotels located in Canada will pay $200/$100 CAD for all Elite Benefits Guarantee compensation. Hotels outside the US and Canada will pay the equivalent of $200/$100 USD in local currency for all Elite Benefits Guarantee Compensation.
  • The maximum Elite Benefits Guarantee compensation paid to a Platinum Member during a stay in the United States will be $200 USD, even if more than one Guaranteed benefit is not delivered to the Member. The maximum Elite Benefits Guarantee compensation paid to a Platinum Member during a stay in Canada will be $200 CAD, even if more than one Guaranteed benefit is not delivered to the Member. The maximum Elite Benefits Guarantee compensation paid to a Platinum Member during a stay outside the United States or Canada will be the equivalent of $200 USD paid in local currency, even if more than one Guaranteed benefit is not delivered to the Member.
  • If an Elite Benefits Member believes that compensation is due with respect to any aspect of the Elite Benefits Guarantee, he/she must request payment of the compensation while still a guest at the hotel, prior to checking out. Failure to request such payment prior to check out will result in a complete waiver of any right to receive such compensation.
  • Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift: Platinum Elite Members will receive a welcome amenity of 1000 bonus points or 500 bonus Miles, depending upon their earning preference, once the qualifying stay has posted to the Platinum Elite Member’s account. Platinum Elite Members will be compensated $100 for the inconvenience if unable to provide the guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift.
  • Guests accompanying Platinum Elite Members to a participating Ritz-Carlton hotel are not eligible for the Elite Benefits Guarantee.
  • Except for the Guaranteed Platinum Arrival Gift of 1,000 Bonus Points or 500 Bonus Miles, the Guarantee applies to all qualifying stays, including Rewards Redemption stays.
  • If an Elite Member has a confirmed reservation, but is walked from the hotel upon arrival, the property will pay the Ultimate Reservation Guarantee compensation in place on that date under the Program Rules. If a Platinum Elite Member receives Ultimate Reservation Guarantee compensation, then he/she is not eligible to receive additional Elite Benefits Guarantee compensation.
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Here’s a peek at program details from Ed French, Marriott Rewards’ chief:

    * Customers can be a member of either Ritz-Carlton Rewards or Marriott Rewards; not both.
    * Earning levels will be the same across Marriott’s 3,400 hotels.
      Achieving silver, gold or platinum status for the Ritz-Carlton Rewards program will have the same requirements as Marriott Rewards.
    * Under the new program, Marriott Rewards platinum members who stay at a Ritz-Carlton will receive a complimentary room upgrade.
    * As members of Ritz-Carlton Rewards earn platinum status, they’ll receive upgrades at Marriott hotels.

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快点实施吧,十一要去莫斯科住ritz carlton

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SPG Platinum

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Beginning September 15, 2010, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. will introduce its highly-anticipated luxury frequent guest stay program – The Ritz-Carlton Rewards. Creation of The Ritz-Carlton Rewards is based on strong customer feedback and demand for a world-class loyalty program that goes far beyond providing complimentary stays and airline flights, and recognizes its members with a broad selection of unique travel experiences.

“No other luxury hotel company comes close to providing such a full range of opportunities to earn and redeem points and experience some truly exceptional and exotic adventures,” said Herve Humler, president and chief operating officer, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company. “We have already brought together some of the most exclusive names in travel and retail including world class travel provider Abercrombie and Kent; fashion icon, Vera Wang; National Geographic Expeditions photography workshops; and Neiman Marcus, one of the top luxury retailers in the U.S. This is just the beginning. We will continue to add global partners offering our members the very best in customized and one-of-a-kind memorable experiences.”

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards’ partners offer unique access available only to members, including Abercrombie & Kent members-only tours in locations such as China, Turkey and Egypt; special customer events and a half-day personal shopping experience with fashion experts at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman featuring a private consultation, fashion presentation, lunch, facial and make-up application and the opportunity to redeem points toward wedding gowns and other select products from the world of celebrated designer Vera Wang. Another special opportunity for members will be four-day photography workshops with National Geographic’s renowned photographers at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts in locations such as San Francisco and Miami. Members will also be able to redeem points for flights on 30 of the world’s major airlines and luxury cruise lines, including Crystal Cruises, The Yachts of Seabourn and Silversea.

Membership will be complimentary and guests are invited to enroll by going online at ritzcarltonrewards.com; visiting any Ritz-Carlton hotel front desk; calling toll free reservation at 1.800.241.3333, or, by contacting The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Guest Services at 1.866.922.6882.

As the premier luxury brand in the Marriott International, Inc. (MAR:NYSE) portfolio, The Ritz-Carlton Hotels will lead the high-end luxury hotel segment by offering a rewards program that enables guests to access benefits at more than 70 Ritz Carlton hotels and resorts, plus enjoy the full portfolio of Marriott brands worldwide – nearly 3,300 properties.

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards will partner with the award-winning Marriott Rewards program, whose members will now be able to earn Marriott Rewards points at The Ritz-Carlton hotels. Elite Marriott Rewards members will also receive special benefits when staying at The Ritz-Carlton’s properties.

For complete program details, visit www.ritzcarltonrewards.com.

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个人感觉RITZ CARLTON的质量要下降了,特别是对普通客人来说,因为他要应付大量的白金

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早该这样了,Starwood全线品牌都参加一个program,可没见高端的luxury collection和st regis的质量就下降了;也没见Park Hyatt要应付diamond会员就无法和ritz carlton竞争了。
   相互,我就曾在ritz carlton住了一个月后,实在觉得不能算stay有点浪费而搬去其他酒店了(毕竟一年只有365天,而要保级的酒店计划有不止一个);我是万豪的白金卡多年,记不清有多少次因为没法在ritz carlton升级而放弃了住ritz。相信社区上有很多TX有类似的经历。
   一个集团的全线品牌都能在一个平台上(或两个能互换的平台上)积分,共同分享用户群(即使同一个用户在不同情况下对酒店有不同的需求:出差、开会旅游、度假、special day等等),这才是拥有豪华、高中低不同品牌连锁酒店的优势。相信RitzCarlton Rewards会带动Marriott Rewards,反之依然。
Miles and Points Junkie!

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Show 发表于 2010-9-14 23:14

你的理解有误。The Ritz-Carlton Rewards will partner with the award-winning Marriott Rewards program, whose members will now be able to earn Marriott Rewards points at The Ritz-Carlton hotels.

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话说其实我不是很明白为啥benefit和积分都通用的情况下,还要单独做一个RC rewards出来而不是直接用marriott rewards。而且保级标准一样,marriott可比RC rewards容易多了。

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Big big fan for chill out

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Ritz正是纳入MR体系,影响可非同小可,以后可以在家门口刷分了,在Ritz刷万豪的night points,爽啊。
MR Lifetime P6

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非常期望能用MR住x送一的免费房住Ritz-Carltonnewyorker 发表于 2010-9-14 23:08


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Big big fan for chill out

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MR Lifetime P6

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Big big fan for chill out

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住Ritz能够获得qualifying nights就很好啊,这样可以renew elites status了。
MR Lifetime P6

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话说其实我不是很明白为啥benefit和积分都通用的情况下,还要单独做一个RC rewards出来而不是直接用marriot ...
saybye 发表于 2010-9-15 00:01


    Ritz推出loyalty program的原因,很大程度上咋在这里吧。

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Launching a Loyalty Program for Our Ritz-Carlton Customers
Posted: September 14, 2010 01:07:19 PM

During my travels around the world, I am often asked by our hotel guests when The Ritz-Carlton hotels will have a loyalty program like Marriott Rewards. Well, I am pleased to tell you that we have just launched The Ritz-Carlton Rewards.

This is more than just another points program. Like Marriott Rewards, members will be able to earn points toward free stays at Ritz-Carlton hotels, but what makes this program  really unique are the extraordinary experiences that will only be available to The Ritz-Carlton Rewards members.  We’ve lined up some of the most exclusive names in travel and fashion including Abercrombie & Kent, Neiman Marcus, National Geographic Expeditions Photography Workshops and Vera Wang bridal to provide special offerings to our members.

In addition, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards is partnering with Marriott Rewards so members can earn and redeem points at 3,300 hotels worldwide. And, now Marriott Rewards members can earn points at The Ritz-Carlton hotels.

The Ritz-Carlton hotels have a history of exceptional customer service. And, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards will follow in that great tradition, as well as building on the learnings of Marriott Rewards, our award-winning guest loyalty program.

I am Bill Marriott and thanks for helping me keep Marriott on the move.

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个人感觉RITZ CARLTON的质量要下降了,特别是对普通客人来说,因为他要应付大量的白金
richsh10 发表于 2010-9-14 22:26

这个不一定的. PARK HYATT的贵宾不是更多吗
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