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Terms & Conditions of eVoucher
This eVoucher is valid till 30 Sep 2010.
This eVoucher is valid for Flight, Hotel and Package bookings on zuji.com.sg.
No Extension of eVoucher validity is allowed.
The value of this eVoucher is $15.
This eVoucher can only be used for travel originating from Singapore.
This eVoucher must be used on www.zuji.com.sg and is valid for online purchases only.
This eVoucher cannot be transferred or sold, and should only be exclusively used by the recipient. ZUJI is not responsible to the eVoucher recipient or to any other party for compensation as a result of the above mentioned actions.
Under no circumstances can any portion of this eVoucher be converted into cash whether by way of re-fund or otherwise. If you have obtained an eVoucher but do not wish to use it, ZUJI will not refund the whole or any part of the value of the eVoucher.
If an eVoucher has been utilized on a booking that is later cancelled or amended, the value of the eVoucher will not be refunded, and all cancellation and amendment fees will still apply.
These terms and conditions are to be read in conjunction with any other conditions upon which this eVoucher may be issued. All transactions are also governed by the user agreement and privacy policy found on the ZUJI website(s) on which this eVoucher may be used.
The Traveler/eVoucher Holder undertakes to pay for the difference between the purchase price for the decided upon product/service and the value of the eVoucher. The Traveler/eVoucher Holder further agrees that any value in the eVoucher not utilized in one single booking transaction will be forfeited.


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